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How to Create Online Brand Consistency (for Email and Web)

In an economic system that’s extra digital than ever, one assertion stands significantly sturdy: 

“Model consistency is the important thing to survival in at the moment’s digital economic system” – Marketing Week

Model consistency results in model recognition, and model recognition results in model belief. Have you ever ever trusted a model you didn’t recognise?

The Problem of On-line Model Consistency

A web based model is greater than the sum of its components. You obtain on-line model consistency when all the weather that seem on all of the channels a model makes use of, corresponding to e-mail, internet and apps are, properly, constant!

MyBag - E-commerce Responsive Email Template
Stable visible id with the MyBag e-mail template

The problem to attaining on-line model consistency comes with the inconsistent manner wherein you must create the weather for these channels, leading to inconsistencies in how these components look and the way these components behave.

Methods to Create On-line Model Consistency

Taking note of these components helps you guarantee on-line model consistency throughout your channels. A few of them are of main significance to on-line model consistency. They embrace logos, colors and fonts.

Rocket Logo
Rocket Brand on Envato Components

A few of them are of secondary significance to model consistency, as they improve model recognition, however will not be key to it. They embrace issues like buttons, hyperlinks and shapes. On this tutorial, I’ll deal with main and secondary components, on two of these channels, e-mail and internet.

Designing Major On-line Model Components


Logos (or logotypes) ought to arguably be probably the most recognisable of on-line model components, as they’re distinctive to each model. Due to this fact, they have to be constant on all model belongings, offline and on-line, print, e-mail, internet and app. To realize this consistency, you must:

  • Use the identical model or variations of your emblem. You could have one model of your emblem that you just use for cellular, pill and desktop. You could have two variations of your emblem – one for cellular, which can have much less top and extra width (panorama), and one for pill and desktop, which can have extra top and fewer width (portrait).
  • Show your emblem at a constant measurement and proportion throughout belongings.
  • Guarantee each variations of your emblem are high-resolution, so they continue to be sharp and crisp on high-definition shows, like Apple’s Retina Show. Blurred logos don’t symbolize manufacturers very properly, and the recipient might imagine the e-mail or web site they’re on isn’t genuine.
Black Branding Mockups Vol.1
Variation and consistency in emblem utilization throughout channels

You possibly can guarantee your logos are high-resolution by creating them at a bigger width (in pixels), and a bigger top (in pixels), and in an appropriate image format. GIFs or PNG-8s are appropriate for logos with strong colors, JPEGs or PNG-24s are appropriate for logos with graduated colors or images. SVGs are appropriate for logos with strong or graduated colors.

Implementation: E-mail

  1. Create your emblem at 200% of its meant measurement. Creating your emblem at this measurement will guarantee it seems sharp and crisp on high-definition shows, such because the Apple Retina show when diminished to its meant measurement.
  2. Save your emblem in an appropriate picture format (GIF or PNG-8 for logos with strong colors, JPEG or PNG-24 for logos with graduated colors or images).
  3. Specify the meant measurement of your emblem in your HTML and CSS. Within the picture attribute HTML, the width and top (e.g. img width="200" top="100"). Within the picture inline CSS, the width as 100%, the max-width (its meant width), and the peak as auto (e.g. fashion="width:100%; max-width:200px; top:auto;"). Specifying the CSS on this manner ensures the emblem will show at its meant measurement, however will then scale back additional in measurement to suit the width of smaller shows in the event that they’re too small to show it at its meant measurement.
Schuh logo.
Schuh emblem at its precise measurement (High). Schuh emblem at its meant measurement (Backside).

Implementation: Internet

  1. Save your emblem within the SVG picture format.
  2. Specify the meant measurement of your emblem in your HTML and CSS. Within the picture attribute HTML, the width and top (e.g. img width="200" top="100"). Within the picture inside CSS, the width as 100%, the max-width (its meant width), and the peak as auto (e.g. .emblem {width:100%; max-width:200px; top:auto;}). Specifying the CSS on this manner ensures the emblem will show at its meant measurement, however will then scale back additional in measurement to suit the width of smaller shows in the event that they’re too small to show it at its meant measurement. Because the SVG picture format is a vector picture format, so long as the unique picture is of enough high quality, it can stay sharp and crisp when elevated and decreased in measurement.

In the event you ever revise your emblem, you’ll want to replace every model on e-mail and internet. Creating grasp variations, and inserting them in a grasp code snippet will allow you to replace as soon as, and apply all over the place.


Making certain colors are constant in all fairness straight-forward, so long as you’re utilizing hexadecimal, the supported colour code format for e-mail and internet, and making use of it utilizing all six characters. On internet, for some colors, it’s potential to abbreviate it to 3 characters, utilizing a shortcut, when the primary three characters and the final three characters are the identical (e.g. #ffffffff; to #fff; or #ff0ff0; to #ff0;).

Instagram Sale Promo
Assured branding colors for Instagram Tales

On e-mail, CSS needs to be utilized inline, particularly on textual content and hyperlinks, as there are some email clients, webmail clients and apps that don’t assist inside CSS. The exception to that is while you’re styling components you must fashion with inside CSS, corresponding to ghost tables, and components styled by, or depending on @media queries, like internet fonts. On internet, you’ll be able to apply CSS inline, although it’s finest to use it internally or externally.

Implementation: E-mail

  • Six-character hexadecimal (e.g. #000000;)
  • Inline CSS. Inner CSS to fashion components inside ghost tables and components depending on @media queries.

Implementation: Internet

  • Six-character hexadecimal (e.g. #000000;). Three-character hexadecimal utilizing a shortcut (e.g. #000;) the place potential.
  • Inner CSS. Exterior CSS.

It’s essential to be conscious of how the colors of on-line model components will seem on ‘Darkish Mode’ on Apple gadgets or ‘Darkish Theme’ on Android gadgets. Darkish pictures on clear backgrounds might disappear, and tightly cropped pictures on white backgrounds might seem poorly executed and unfinished!

For consistency, I like to recommend designing on-line model components to show on Darkish Mode and Darkish Theme, with out counting on code, as, as on the time of writing, each Darkish Mode and Darkish Theme are comparatively new, so that you’re more likely to see assorted outcomes throughout channels.


The best technique of attaining consistency with fonts is to make use of web-safe fonts, like Arial and Georgia. Internet-safe fonts are pre-installed on most working techniques, so it’s secure to imagine (therefore their identify) that they’ll show on them.

Nonetheless, when you have web-safe fonts in your emails, and internet fonts in your web site, the web model expertise will probably be inconsistent. On the time of writing, internet fonts may be applied into e-mail with CSS, utilizing WOFF (Internet Open Font Format) internet fonts. They’ll show on a number of Apple working techniques, together with iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, which in December 2020, accounted for 53% of the global email market share – greater than Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Samsung Mail, Google Android, and Outlook.com mixed.

Internet Fonts on Envato Components

A subscription to Envato Components offers you entry to 1000’s of the best web fonts. In the event you’re a typeface fan, you want to try our choice.

web fonts on Envato Elements
Web Fonts on Envato Elements

Nonetheless, your model might have greater than, or lower than, 53% of your recipients utilizing these working techniques, so that you’ll must specify an appropriate web-safe fallback font within the font stack for once they received’t show. You possibly can implement internet fonts extra broadly on internet in fact, although you’ll want to make sure they’ll show on the browsers your model helps.

Google Fonts website.
Google Fonts are free, simple to implement, and as such, are utilized by manufacturers.

Implementation: E-mail

  • Internet-safe fonts.
  • Internet fonts (WOFF solely) (Restricted to iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS) utilized with CSS.

Implementation: Internet

  • Internet-safe fonts.
  • Internet fonts (Choose internet font out there as WOFF to make sure consistency with e-mail) on browsers supported by the model.Secondary On-line Model Components


Whereas not a branding ingredient per se, you continue to must design buttons, so the recipient recognises them and is aware of what to do with them, wherever they’re on their on-line journey – e-mail or internet. Contemplate their form (one thing I cowl later on this tutorial) and their symbols, corresponding to their chevrons and arrows.

It’s difficult to implement symbols as pictures in e-mail buttons, so I’d advise utilizing entities as a substitute, like the best arrow (→). As buttons are interactive components, be conscious of how they’ll look and behave, as a recipient rolls over or selects them. Implementing the styling for that is achieved with CSS on e-mail and CSS and JavaScript on internet.

Experian email featuring buttons.
Experian e-mail that includes buttons.
Experian website.
Experian web site that includes constant button.

Implementation: E-mail

  • HTML, CSS (Together with CSS animation the place supported).

Implementation: Internet

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


In some ways, hyperlinks are like buttons, so observe the identical “guidelines” for consistency. The distinction right here is how some e-mail shoppers, webmail shoppers and apps power styling onto them, making them inconsistent.

Blue hyperlinks as they’re identified can current themselves when e-mail shoppers, webmail shoppers and apps, override any inside CSS with default blue styling, which is able to undoubtedly not on be on model! You possibly can resolve this, although it requires totally different methods for various e-mail shoppers, webmail shoppers, apps and gadgets. A tutorial in itself! Nonetheless, listed here are a couple of tricks to get you began.

Apple Mail

  1. Insert the next inside CSS: a[x-apple-data-detectors] {colour:inherit !essential;}


  1. Insert an ID of physique into the physique tag: <physique id="physique">
  2. Insert the next inside CSS: u + #physique a {colour:inherit !essential;}

Samsung Mail

  1. Insert the next inside CSS: #MessageViewBody a {colour:inherit !essential;}

Different Instances

  1. Insert a class of blueLink into the affected tag: <p class="blueLink">01234 567890</p>
  2. Insert the next inside CSS: .blueLinks a {colour:inherit !essential;}


Shapes play an element in branding, although attaining consistency may be difficult utilizing HTML and CSS. Creating something aside from a rectangle on e-mail, inside a grid of rectangles introduces complexities. It’s potential to create rounded rectangles and even overlap one rectangle over one other, however these methods demand a variety of time and testing.

You possibly can create constantly rounded rectangles on buttons in the event you’re prepared to take a position the time to develop a Microsoft Vector Markup Language (VML) button. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t assist the CSS property border-radius, so utilizing border-radius will end in any components border-radius is utilized to, together with buttons, being rectangular on Microsoft Outlook, with out utilizing VML.

Fortunately Marketing campaign Monitor has a handy tool for creating VML buttons. Nonetheless, relying on what number of of your manufacturers’ recipients use Microsoft Outlook and your email design and development strategy, chances are you’ll determine to simply accept they received’t see rounded rectangles, however solely rectangular rectangles! All of it will depend on how important that form is to your branding.

Campaign Monitor Bulletproof email buttons tool.
Marketing campaign Monitor ‘Bulletproof e-mail buttons’ instrument.

Implementation: E-mail

  • CSS: Rounded corners with border-radius (No assist on some e-mail shoppers, together with Microsoft Outlook).
  • VML: Rounded corners on buttons may be created simply with VML and border-radius, utilizing Marketing campaign Monitor’s ‘Bulletproof email buttons’ tool.

Implementation: Internet

  • CSS: Rounded corners with border-radius.Compromising on consistency

As we’ve seen, there are events the place it might be essential to compromise on consistency, the place the price of consistency is excessive by way of effort and time. The query is, do you, or don’t you settle for the compromise? It’s a matter of how a lot the compromise impacts the integrity of your branding.

In case your recipients primarily use Microsoft Outlook, and your branding utilises a variety of rounded rectangles, it might be price investing the time to create rounded rectangles utilizing VML.

In case your recipients primarily use iOS, then it received’t be, and you might have to simply accept the compromise of getting rectangular rectangles for any recipients utilizing Microsoft Outlook.

Lastly: Formulate an E-mail Design and Improvement Technique

Understanding HTML and CSS assist throughout e-mail shoppers, webmail shoppers, and apps will, in flip, enable you obtain tighter consistency throughout e-mail and internet, and enable you in any choices you should make on compromise. Formulate an email design and development strategy.

Formulating an e-mail design and improvement technique will enable you perceive what e-mail shoppers, webmail shoppers and apps your recipients are utilizing, so you’ll be able to focus your efforts the place it issues. Such perception will result in a constant on-line branding expertise in your recipients, as they depart your e-mail, and arrive in your web site.

E-mail Improvement for Learners

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